Wednesday, January 03, 2007


It is an extremely good deal to get a bread machine for christmas. Mixing the dough and proofing in the machine eliminates the sadness of breadmaking (hand pain and cleaning woes), and baking in the oven ensures no damn paddle thing stuck in the butt of your bread (though it is easy and fun to just bake the bread in the machine).



Monday, November 13, 2006


I am, of course, referring to the orchard relatively near to Allen's house. We went there yesterday on the hunt for unpasteurized cider. The only available cider was pasteurized, which was a sad time, but no disaster. Upon our arrival at Allen's house, we realized that the cider did not come from the orchard, it was "produced for" it. "WTF?" we asked. The same went for the "good deal" apple butter we purchased (it was not a good deal), which contained high fructose corn syrup and lies.

The New York City big apple remains a good deal, but only with tricky accounting and fuzzy math. Dispairing over the amount of dollars we were spending on a recent weekend jaunt, we decided that we were actually on vacation, making our modest expenditure justifiable. The Union Square farmer's market seemed like a seriously good time, and I touched all the yarn.

Monday, November 06, 2006


By-the-cup coffee, by-the-slice pizza and bagels of any kind or quantity should be avoided.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good deal / Bad deal

-$18.00 We picked many apples and gave half of them to my brother. Using the remainder, Lucy created apple sauce, apple pie, and a butternut squash/apple soup that we thickened the next day and used to stuff ravioli! GOOD DEAL.

-$330.00 Someone smashed the sidemirror on my Volvo V70 Turbo station wagon. The sad thing is that I just replaced my previously smashed mirror after driving around with shattervision for eight months! BAD DEAL.

+$3.00 However, I did find three crusty dollars on the street. GOOD DEAL.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Allen is lously exclaiming about my adult chewable vitamins

I mean, they're really fucking good, but I think he's just mocking me ;___;

However, he did just make an amusing joke at Brendan's expense with a punching puppet thing. Way to bounce back!

Last week, we stayed within our self-imposed budget, with a little surplus to pay for mondo beers. One trip to the grocery store and one to the farmer's market at Brown, plus pumpkin and raspberry money (explained below) and dinner at Cindy's Diner. Yesterday, we got crazysexycool amounts of food for about $25.

This weekend, we went to two different Rhode Island farms with corn mazes. The first one was a "fakey farm"--sure, it had a corn maze. But it was in the shape of a pig, not a mystical neo-pagan swirly thing like we had expected. The farm also had a large pen of sad-looking animals trying to escape and a man wearing a reflective vest which read "Corn Cop" trying to catch the rabbits in a large butterfly net. The corn maze was suffuciently disorienting, and the hay ride was appropriately ridiculous (ride through an open dirt lot, passing by a severely injured seagull and the highway).

The second farm was truly a land of wonders. Not only did they have an actual, real-live, magical pumpkin patch (the ostensible reason for the trip), but they also had healthy-looking llamas which were protected from the grubby hands of children, a raspberry-picking area and a fantastic hay ride led by a saucy teen who gave our party coy looks as he steered the mighty vessel through mud puddles. We got some excellent deals on pumpkins and raspberries. I made a pie!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Beets are a good deal.

We bought some beets. I have learned that the beet is threefold:

#1 The beet roots.
This is the part everyone knows! They come in dirty and you get to rub them.
#2 The beet stems.
Celery with beet juice inside.
#3 The beet greens.
Like collard!

3x the eats, 3x the beets. It's a good deal.

The Firefly theme song is so unforgivably lame

Tonight, we're eating broccoli-asparagus quiche. The pie crust came from the depths of the freezer!

I think the oven is lopsided or some such truck. The quiche is a little slanty-looking.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


We are having roasted beets, potatos, green beans and carrots for dinner tonight, along with some tasty Chicory Stout that I bought without factoring it into the budget.

Before cracking this fancy beer, I decided that there should be a handcrafted beer called Be-er Now.

Driving to NYC for the weekend in a car that you own.

There are ones who respond to the premise: but the gas, the gas! Take the Greyhound, they say, it's only forty dollars. It's actually 44 buckerbeans to ride that mighty steed, not to mention that you must submit to their schedules and fatties. For the same price you could fill up the car and drive her right into Crown Heights in under four hours, park it, and ride wherever you wish on the subway for the rest of your stay. This is what Lucy and I did just yesterday! (You'll probably need to move it for a few hours every morning if you're staying during the week, but this could be as easy as moving it to the opposite side of the street. Otherwise you will owe the Department of Finance 60 dollars, which is a very sad time.)

I used the Shaw's Reward Card and got quite the discount!

Allen and I just returned from Shaw's, where we began Week 2 of our magical budget adventure. The parameters of the adventure are as follows: we will each chip in $30 for food-related items each week. Surplus will be used to buy mondo beers.

At Shaw's, we bought a bunch of produce, some coffee, barley, eggs, milk, a smartwater for me to bring to work this week, tortillas, and walnuts. We spent $21.2x. There were teens.